VoIP Information for the Department of Mathematics

Latest News

If you have VoIP questions/issues, such as reseting your voicemail password, please send email to voipsupport@utoronto.ca (we cannot reset voicemail passwords locally).

The VoIP transition project is almost completed. We have moved the majority of the department from Bell Centrex to VoIP now (in Bahen, 215 Huron, and PGB).

As mentioned on the IT Status blog:

One consequence of the presence of two different systems on campus is that those still on the Centrex system have to use 9 plus the full 10 digit telephone number to call anyone who has already moved to the VoIP system (for example, people in our department who have VoIP handsets or the people in Engineering or Computer Science). The usual 5-digit dialing still works between two VoIP system users.

In fact trying to "5-digit dial" someone on the VoIP system from the Centrex system will result in hearing a "Not in Service" message.

General UofT Information

The UofT VoIP Project is expected to be completed by November of this year. There is some central documentation at VoIP "How Do I..." FAQS and also User Guides (with Downloads).

Any central issues with VoIP should be indicated on the main UofT IT System Status page, labelled with BroadConnect VoIP in the Telecommunications section. There may also be more information about current or planned outages/maintenance of VoIP on that page.

Departmental Progress

The networking hardware replacements to support VoIP have been completed in all three departmental buildings: Bahen, PGB, and 215 Huron.

We have requested a pilot transfer involving 12 lines on three networks and after any issues discovered during that are addressed we will request the transfer of the rest of the lines. The pilot transfer is scheduled for July 3, 2019.

The VoIP handsets for the pilot have arrived and will be installed in preparation for the transfer from Bell to VoIP for those people in the pilot on July 3, 2019.

Most of the departmental telephone lines that are being moved to VoIP in Bahen, 215 Huron, and PGB have been finished. There are still a few to be dealt with later.

Manuals for the Polycom VVX 411 VoIP Handset

The first manual listed below is only two pages long and has very useful information that probably will answer most of your questions.

Miscellaneous VoIP Information

[Last update: August 16, 2019]