Math 234: Differential Equations


Lecture notes for February 24 - 27 are posted here . There may be some misprints here and there. Please let me know if you find any.

About the Mid Term Exam:
The Test will cover linear equations and linear systems of first-order and higher order. This will include:
* all of chapter 3 of the textbook
* first-order linear systems, including the material covered in the handout (up through the end of Section 4.1) and covered on the homework assignment Material from the last part of the above notes (Section 4.2 and later), as well as from this week's lectures, will NOT be covered until some later quiz or test.
* in principle there might be material on first-order linear equations from chapter 2 (eg, section 2.1). It is helpful to review this in any case, if you have time, to see the how it relates to the second-order equations and first-order systems that we have discussed more recently.


Lecturers contact information office hours
Robert Jerrard
LEC 01
3145 ES
Monday 4-5pm
Wolfgang Staubach
LEC 02
4051 SS
(416) 978-3484

Teaching Assistants contact information
Nasrine Bagheri
(416) 978-0881
Warner Chen
(416) 946-3889
Yong-Lin Kuo
(416) 978-7020
Zakia Sultana
(416) 946-8192


Boye and DiPrima, Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, seventh edition. Any version of the seventh edition is okay --- you are not required to get the ``Course Advantage Edition''.

Marking Scheme.

Marks will be based on Terms Tests, one Midterm Exam, and a Final Exam. Policies regarding the use of calculators and aid sheets on exams will be announced within a couple of weeks. The marking scheme is summarized in the following table.

what tentative time percentage of final course mark
Term Test 1 Tuesday February 4, 3-4:30pm 15%
Mid Term Exam Tuesday, March 11, 3-5pm 30%
Term Test 2 Tuesday March 25, 3-4:30pm 15%
Final Exam to be announced 40%


Problem sets and related information will be posted online. Problems will not be marked, but solutions will be posted online, and if there are problems that you do not understand, you should check them against the online solutions. Doing the homework promptly is essential to learning the material.


Tutorials will take place according to the following schedule:
Tutorial when and where
TUT 1/01 Tuesdays 3-4:30pm, SF3201
TUT 1/02 Tuesdays 3-4:30pm, SF3202
starting on January 14. The tutorial time slot will be used for the Term Tests and perhaps also for the Midterm Exam.

Course Outline

Topics will include
  1. First order ODEs (Chapter 2 of the textbook)
  2. linear equations of higher order (Chapters 3 and 4 of textbook)
  3. first-order systems of linear equations (Chapter 7 of the textbook and handouts of lecture notes)
  4. Laplace transform (Chapter 6 of the textbook)
  5. Partial differential equations (Chapter 10 of the textbook)