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17th Summer Conference, Mir, 2005

Dimitri Dziabenko

Immediately after arrival, we were directed to the cafeteria for a delayed breakfast. The cafeteria food was special and interesting in almost every unpredictable aspect.

That same day the 6 topics were presented to us. Oleg and I teamed up and began working on "Almost-periodicity and symbolic dynamics", which we found quite fascinating.

The next day, most of the participants realized that the location was practically isolated from the outside world as the telephones didn't work and the computers probably weren't even Pentium. However, fast internet, wasn't what most people travelled for. It was the math, and this point was extremely stressed by the conference organizers.

The problems were more research oriented than Olympiad preparation, but certainly gave an insight in that particular area of mathematics.

Overall, the conference (besides the the materialistic imperfection), was definitely the BEST math camp I have come to experience and I'm really thankful for all the good memories it has left me with.

Oleg Ivrii

This conference was again in Belarus, and the service staff often asked us how well we... lets say, enjoyed their services. After all, we were served by their highest standards, that included cleaning our rooms daily, mirrors in the bathrooms, rugs besides our beds, nice chairs to sit on, cups and bevarges, table cloth and quality ingrediants for cooking. They kept telling us how they wanted us to come back next year; so far the conference never was in the same location three times in a row, but who knows what can happen?

I had a chance to work with great minds and to argue with them (politely; however). These people weren't your average run-of-the-mill people, they found loopholes where there were no loopholes and gave us quality feedback to our solutions. I had a chance to converse with other participants outside of mathematics, and I found them to be delightful as people. We exchanged culture... I guess they learned a bit about Toronto.


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