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The International Tournament of the Towns was established in the late 1970s in the USSR. It was organized by the jury of the All-Union Olympiads. The best traditions of these Olympiads are used in the Tournament of the Towns. At the same time, the Tournament assumed some distinctive character of its own.

The main goal of this Tournament is to provide an opportunity for an enlarged circle of students to participate in competitions of world standards. This is impossible under the multistage selection system of the All-Union Olympiads. Another goal is to provide teachers and local organizers with problems of the highest quality, and other related material.

Professor N. Konstantinov, the inspirational leader and organizer of the Tournament, is also the Chairman of the Central Committee in Moscow. An important role was played by the late N. Vasiliev, an author of many excellent problems and the long-time editor of the mathematics problem corner of Quantum.

The first Tournament, known as the Olympiad of Three Towns, was held in 1979-1980. Participation grew quickly and in the following year the name was changed to the Tournament of the Towns. At the beginning, the Tournament did not receive official recognition, but its acceptance was growing little by little. Eventually, the Tournament became a subcommittee of the USSR Academy of Sciences and its merits were universally recognized. This fact drew entries from many towns in Eastern Europe, in particular Bulgaria where a national committee was formed. In 1988 Canberra participated in the 10th Tournament becoming the first Western and English speaking city to take part.

The number of Tournament participants continued to grow fast. About 100,000 students from 120 towns and 25 countries participated in the 21th Tournament (1999-2000), with 1500 students winning Diplomas. The total population of all participating towns has reached 80 million. Countries such as Russia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia and other republics of former Yugoslavia are the most active participants in the Tournament. Participating countries from outside the former USSR and eastem Europe now include Australia, Canada, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, lsrael, New Zeland, the USA and Taiwan.

Long before their graduation, most of the best students from many countries have met in the Tournament of the Towns and Summer mathematical schools. Moreover, their possible future professors meet them. The Tournament has become a system connecting the local activists of many countries.

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Tournament of the Towns is held in Toronto since 1996.
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