Tournament of Towns in Toronto
Information for Students

Who should participate

Participation recommended for students of grades 8—10 (Junior Division) and 11—12 (Senior Division). Very good students can start from grade 7. It is strongly recommended to start from O-Level; junior students (grades 8—10) are allowed to write for SEnior Division; still they are strongly encouraged to write for Junior Division (unless they already achieved good results in Junior Division).


If you registered once you should not do it again. However, you must ensure that your profile is up-to-date. To do this, login to your members page and request changes to your school, email address and phone number if neccessary.

For security reasons, you cannot change your grade, and personal data - but you can submit a request. Remember that your Certificate is printed according to your submission and if you abbreviated your school name it will be printed that way in your Certificate.


You need to confirm your participation in each Round and Level. You can do this on your members page. If you reload the member page after this, the confirmation button will be replaced by a confirmation info.

Do not click the button more than once. You must confirm before the deadline since the rooms are booked according to the number of confirmed participants. If you confirm your participation after deadline you will be seated only if space is available.


You should arrive 15 minutes in advance with your pens and pencils. You may bring a geometry set and a simple calculator but they are not necessary. You may bring a snack and enjoy it during the contest. The use of cell phones and other electronic devices (except non-programmable calculators) is strictly prohibited. If you have never participated in the Tournament, it is suggested that you start with the O-Level. Write the A-Level only if you feel ready for it. If you are in grade 10 or below, you should attempt the Junior problem set. Otherwise, write the Senior.

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Further Information

You can find more information about the tournament in the About, Mission and Frequently Asked Questions pages. news page regularly. Look at the directions page for information how to get to the tournament site.

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Tournament of the Towns is held in Toronto since 1996.
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