Melissa Emory

E-mail: memory@math.toronto.edu

Address: University of Toronto

Bahen Centre

40 St. George St., Office 6189

Toronto, Ontario


I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto. My mentor is Jim Arthur. I completed my Ph.D. in May 2018 at the University of Missouri under the direction of Shuichiro Takeda.

My research interests include automorphic forms and representations, number theory, and representation theory. My thesis was on establishing a global Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture for general spin groups and proving one case. I have also done work on elliptic curves and Sato-Tate groups.

My curriculum vitae can be found here: vitaAug2018.pdf. My poster for a general audience for the AWM poster session at the Joint Math Meetings, 2018 is here: AWM poster.pdf