MAT157Y Analysis I

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Classes: MWF 10-11; Room: BA 1160.

Midterm exams: There will be one 1-hour midterm at the end of September 2019, as well as two 2-hour midterms, probably in November 2019 and in March 2020.

Course description

The plan for this course: Our agenda is to develop the rigourous foundations of analysis. The emphasis will be on theorems and proofs, rather than on computational techniques. We will cover most material from chapters 1-24 of Spivak's book, and possibly some of the material from chapters 25-30.

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Textbook: Michael Spivak, Calculus, 4th edition. (The 3rd edition will be fine, too. The numberings of some homework problems are a bit different, but whenever I use problems from the book I'll probably re-write them anyhow.) Click here for some comments on Spivak's book (3rd edition), by Dror Bar-Natan.

Prerequisite: High school level calculus

Course outline

Course syllabus

The required homework problems for this course will be sent online, via Crowdmark. You will be asked to submit the solutions electronically, via Crowdmark. (More information will be given later.)

Our late policy is as follows: No late assignments will be accepted.

You can certainly discuss homework with classmates, but you have to write up the solutions yourself, in your own words. Otherwise it is considered unauthorized aid or assistance (working too closely with another student on an individual assignment so that the end result is too similar), which is an academic offence under the University's Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. If you find the solutions in books or on the internet, you must quote your source (and still write it up in your own words!) Otherwise, it may count as plagiarism which again is an academic offense.

Here is a sample latex source file and its pdf output for download, in case you want to type up your solutions in latex and need some hints.