Activities organized by Robert J. McCann

Conferences Organized:
Low Regularity Geometry and Physics Seminar July-December 2022 at the Fields Institute
Thematic Semester on Nonsmooth Riemannian and Lorentzian Geometry July-December 2022 at the Fields Institute (in Toronto)
Fields Medal Symposium in Honor of Alessio Figalli 19-22 October 2020 at the Fields Institute (in Toronto)
CMS 75th Anniversary Meeting, 5-8 June 2020 in Ottawa ON
Competitive equilibrium with gross substitutes: matching, pricing and market design 11-15 May 2020 at ICERM, Providence RI
Optimal Transport 15 April - 14 June 2019 at Vienna's Schroedinger Institute
Economics Meets the Mathematical Sciences 10-12 April 2019 at the Fields Institute (in Toronto)
Generated Jacobian Equations: from Geometric Optics to Economics 9-14 April 2017 at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS)
Optimal Transportation, Equilibrium, and Applications to Economics (OTAE) Workshop 29-30 April 2016 (at NYU)
Fields Medal Symposium in Honor of Cedric Villani 17-20 November 2014 at the Fields Institute (in Toronto)
Variational problems in Physics, Economics and Geometry July-December 2014 Semester at the Fields Institute (in Toronto)
Optimal Transportation: Geometry and Dynamics, 19 August- 20 December 2013 at MSRI (Berkeley)
Winter School on Geometric Partial Differential Equations 2-13 July 2012 in Brisbane, Australia | WebLink
Matching Problems: Economics Meets Mathematics 4-6 June 2012 in Chicago
SMS 50th Summer School on Metric Spaces: Geometric and Analytic Aspects, 25 June - 8 July 2011 at CRM in Montreal PQ
AARMS Summer School 2011 on Analysis, Geometry and PDE, 2-29 June 2011 at Memorial University in Saint John's, Newfoundland
CMS Winter Meeting Session on Analysis and Geometry of Nonlinear PDE, 4-6 December 2010 in Vancouver BC
Geometric Probability and Optimal Tranpsortation Nov 1-5, 2010 in Toronto, Canada (plus periods of emphasis Oct 25-29 and Nov 6-8).
Calculus of Variations, July 18-24, 2010 at Oberwolfach, Germany.
Optimal Transportation and Applications, April 19- 23, 2010 at Banff, Canada.
Calculus of Variations, July 6-12, 2008 at Oberwolfach, Germany.
CMS Winter Meeting Session December 8-10, 2007 at London, Ontario and December 11 Minisymposium in Toronto
Geometric Inequalities, June 17- 22, 2007 at Banff, Canada.
Calculus of Variations, July 9-15, 2006 at Oberwolfach, Germany.
Nonlinear diffusions: entropies, asymptotic behaviour, and applications, April 15-20, 2006 at Banff, Canada.
CMS Winter Meeting Session. December 10-12, 2005 at Victoria, Canada.
CMS Summer Meeting Session. June 4-6, 2005 at Waterloo, Canada.
AMS Sectional Meeting Session. March 18-19, 2005 at Bowling Green, KY.
Optimal Transport Theory and Applications. October 9-13, 2003 in Pisa, Italy.
Calculus of Variations: Geometric Problems, Superconductivity, and Material Microstructures. August 25-29, 2003 in Toronto, Canada.
Optimal Transportation and Nonlinear Dynamics. August 11-15, 2003 in Vancouver, Canada.
Calcul des Variations: Transport optimal... June 10-13, 2003 in Savoie, France.
Measure Transportation and Geometric Inequalities: July 8-12, 2002 at the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Vancouver BC.
UofT Nonlinear and Geometric Analysis Day: 7 December 2001. (Satellite to the December 8-10 CMS meeting in Toronto, Canada).
Problems and Perspectives on the Calculus of Variations: Physics Economics and Geometry. August 20-25, 2001 in Toronto, Canada.

Selected conferences attended:
Applied PDE in Physics, Biology and Social Sciences 2-7 September 2012 in Barcelona Spain

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