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"Mathematics and Music"

presented by

Prof. James Stewart* (Mathematics, University of Toronto)

Thursday, March 1, 2001
6:00 - 9:00 p. m.
The Fields Institute

Many people have remarked that mathematicians tend to be musical. In an attempt to explain this phenomenon, this talk will explore some of the similarities between mathematics and music and in particular how it relates to: rhythm, harmony, melody, and form. Dr. Stewart will provide musical illustrations on his violin.

*Dr. Stewart is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at McMaster University, but is now teaching at the University of Toronto. His books include a series of high school mathematics textbooks as well as calculus texts for universities. He was concertmaster of the McMaster Symphony Orchestra for many years and also played the violin professionally in the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. His greatest musical pleasure, however, is playing string quartets.

The winner of a copy of one of James Stewart's Calculus books was: Aline Ribeiro. Congratulations! We all had the pleasure of singing "the Derivative Song" for more such math songs by Tom Lehrer have a look at:

A special thank you goes to Alex Sun and Xin Ha who took part in the musical section of the evening. Unfortunately, one of the violinists, Ursula, scheduled to play a duet with James was unable to participate.

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