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Solitons Solitons cascading down a chain of small waterfalls.
Milk Drops On June 23, 2002, I took around 415 pictures of milk drops falling into a bowl of milk or a shallow puddle of milk. See the best few!

A Negative Hyperbolic Cosine A negative hyperbolic cosine curve at the San Francisco Exploratorium, May 2000.
Khatula Pashoshit Khatula Pashoshit.

Ouroboroses. (More...)

A Stone Ouroboros A stone ouroboros, outside the Valley Life Sciences Building at UC Berkeley, December 1999.
Electric Ouroboros An electric ouroboros at the San Francisco Exploratorium, January 2000.
An Ouroboros Wrench Technology Chasing Its Tail by William L. Clark, at the Oakland Museum of California, March 2000.