David Miyamoto

Office: BA6135
Phone: (416) 978-4794
email: david.miyamoto@mail.utoronto.ca


I am a PhD student studying mathematics at the University of Toronto, supervised by Yael Karshon. My current research deals with singular foliations, Lie groupoids, and diffeology. I am also interested in convex geometry, in which I completed a master's project with Dmitry Faifman.


In reverse chronological order.


  1. The basic de Rham complex of a singular foliation (2020). A preprint on the arXiv.

Other Projects

  1. Basic forms on foliated manifolds (2019). A poster I presented at the 2019 CMS Winter Meeting in Toronto.
  2. Characterizing U(1,1) and translation-invariant generalized convex valuations on ℂ2 (2018). My master's project. I am polishing this document further.
  3. Dvoretzky's theorem and concentration of measure (2016). A project I completed for a seminar course taught by Dmitry Panchenko at the end of my bachelor degree.

Teaching Assistant Work

Unless otherwise specified, these courses were held at the University of Toronto's St George campus. In Spring 2021, I assisted

Previously, I have assisted