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David Urbanik

PhD student interested in Math at the University of Toronto, post-doc at IHES starting September 2022.

david dot urbanik at utoronto dot ca

About Me

Auxiliary Work

Academic Publications


  1. Unlikely Intersections with Bruhat Strata. In Preparation. (Mathematics)
  2. Algebraic Cycle Loci at the Integral Level. (Mathematics)
  3. Effective Methods for Diophantine Finiteness*. (Mathematics)
  4. Sets of Special Subvarieties of Bounded Degree. (Mathematics)
  5. On the Transcendence of Period Images. (Mathematics)
*I plan a future update to this paper with explicit computations to illustrate the method.


  1. Absolute Hodge and l-adic Monodromy. Compositio Mathematica.
  2. On the Fields of Definition of Hodge Loci, joint work with Bruno Klingler and Ania Otwinowska. Annales scientifiques de l'École normale supérieure.
  1. New Techniques for SIDH-based NIKE, joint work with David Jao, Journal of Mathematical Cryptology, presented at MathCrypt 2018.
  2. SoK: The SIDH Problem Landscape, joint work with David Jao, presented at ASIAPKC 2018.
  3. Efficient Compression of SIDH Public Keys, joint work with Craig Costello, David Jao, Patrick Longa, Michael Naehrig, and Joost Renes, presented at Eurocrypt 2017.
  1. Simulations of Microscopic Propulsion of Soft Elastic Bodies, joint work with Shikhar Mani Dwivedi and Colin Denniston, published in EPJ E-Soft Matter & Biological Physics. (Fluid Dynamics)

Not Intended for Publication:

  1. Explicit Rational Group Law on Hyperelliptic Jacobians of any Genus. Masters Thesis. (Mathematics)

Academic History and Future Plans



Will hold a five month post doctoral position at the MSRI.



Starting a two year post doctoral position at IHES.



Began working with Jacob Tsimerman in Arithmetic Geometry.



Began my PhD in Mathematics at the University of Toronto.



Began Masters degree in Pure Mathematics at the University of Waterloo under the joint supervision of Matthew Satriano and David Jao.



Began undergraduate education at the University of Waterloo.