Undergraduate Math Union Summer Seminar Series


On Set Theory, Logic, and Topological Games

by Peter Burton | University of Toronto
Time: 12:30  (Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010)
Location: BA6183, Bahen Center, 40 St George St
The talk will deal with the relations between various topological properties associated with Lindelof spaces, including 'D', 'Menger' and 'Alster'. I will discuss several easy-to-formulate but unsolved problems, along with some interesting proofs using techniques from set theory, logic, and topological games.

Dates in this series

· Thursday, May. 27, 2010: Inequalities - Deck Transformations and Fundamental Groups (Will Pazner)
· Thursday, Jun. 03, 2010: Resolution of Singularities (Sergio da Silva)
· Thursday, Jun. 10, 2010: Geometric functions in one complex variable (Jonguk Yang)
· Thursday, Jun. 17, 2010: Epitaxial growth of solid thin films (Sergei Sagatov)
· Thursday, Jul. 15, 2010: On Rearrangement Inequalities (Mustazee Rahman)
· Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010: On Positivity of Steady States of the Thin Films Equation (Dan Ginsberg)
· Thursday, Jul. 29, 2010: Discrete Random Walks and Ito's Formula (Cameron Davidson-Pilon)
· Thursday, Aug. 05, 2010: On some Classes of Linear Operators in Banach Spaces (Liudmyla Kadets)
· Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010: On Set Theory, Logic, and Topological Games (Peter Burton)
· Thursday, Aug. 19, 2010: A Winning Strategy for Tic-Tac-Toe on an Affine Plane of Order 4 (Matthew Conlen and Juraj Milcak)