Fields Colloquium/Seminar in Applied Math

The Fields Institute Colloquium/Seminar in Applied Mathematics is a  monthly colloquium series for mathematicians in the areas of applied  mathematics and analysis. The series alternates between colloquium  talks by internationally recognized experts in the field, and less formal,  more specialized seminars.In recent years, the series has featured  applications to diverse areas of science and technology; examples  include super-conductivity, nonlinear wave propagation, optical fiber  communications, and financial modeling. The intent of the series is to  bring together the applied mathematics community on a regular basis,  to present current results in the field, and to strengthen the potential for  communication and collaboration between researchers with common  interests. We meet for one session per month during the academic  year. The organizers welcome suggestions for speakers and topics. 

The Fields Institute also hosts a page about this Colloquium/Seminar series. 

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