Change Dates

2014 - 2015

During the first few weeks of the academic year, students may switch from MAT137Y, MAT157Y, MAT237Y, MAT257 to a less demanding calculus course, as indicated in the table below.  For such a course change, students must contact their college registrar or the Department of Mathematics Undegraduate office.  These changes cannot be executed by students on ROSI.   Changes from more challenging to less challenging courses can be performed by the college registrar without the permission of the Department of Mathematics.

Students may register in any lecture section of their choice provided space is available and the section is not closed to enrollment.

The following changes in courses are valid:

Course Last Day to Change
From MAT157Y to the following three options: 1) MAT137Y; or 2) MAT135H and MAT136; or 3) MAT133Y
October 3, 2014
From MAT137Y to the following two options: 1)  MAT135H and MAT136H or 2) MAT133Y
From MAT257Y to the following two options: 1) MAT237Y or 2) MAT235Y
From MAT237Y to MAT235Y

Students may not switch from MAT133Y, MAT135H1 or MAT136H1 into another course.

The Process:

  1. At your request, the college registrar will enrol you in a lecture section or students should visit the Undergraduate office to file a request which is then forwarded to the Faculty Office.
  2. Students should contact the course coordinators to make arrangements for tutorials.
  3. For the contact information below, all email adresses should end as ""

Special Notice

  • Changes in courses, by October 3, 2014, only apply to first- and second-year calculus courses.
  • Students should be prepared to write the first term test of the course they are entering; there will be no special considerations made wiht no exceptions.