Zsuzsanna Dancso

zsuzsanna.dancso at anu.edu.au

The circus

A couple of years ago I made a random impulse decision to try aerial silks, and within weeks I was addicted. I can only recommend it if you are interested in any of adrenaline, dance, looking pretty, or getting fit. For the first time ever I can do pull-ups! Some suggestions for where to go if you'd like to try this: If you'd like to watch a video of me performing a silks piece, click here. To see some pictures click on the thumbnails below:


Before running away with the circus, I did some dancing. I maintain that I was never particularly talented but given a lot of time and practice, you can learn a lot. Some dance schools and social events I can recommend: Here is a video and some pictures:


Here are some cakes I have baked, click for tips, links and recipes.