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Zsuzsi Dancso

Things I enjoy:


I love dance of all forms and have done a little bit of competing and performing, mostly in salsa and some in ballroom. I haven't had the time to dance as intensively lately, but I still take classes and I'm always happy to try something new. Lately I have been trying to pick up some ballet and some circus arts. A small dance gallery:


I love children, and here are some of my favorite kids in the world (some of these pictures are a bit outdated):


I enjoy travelling a lot (you may as well, if you are a mathematician, or else you are going to be rather miserable). I love seeing new places and trying to imagine what living there or growing up there could be like. I used to try to keep travel galleries here, but I haven't had the time to maintain them, so I have given it up. If you know me and would like to see pictures (they are not good enough to be interesting to someone who doesn't know me, I think), then you should friend me on facebook: I tend to post the best ones there.


My partner Stephen, a.k.a. the sweetest person in the world.

My wonderful family lives in Budapest, Hungary. My sister Marcsi and I are very close. When we were this little , we had a bumpy relationship, but we grew up to be great friends. My mom is the most family-oriented person I've ever known, and a great mom. This is her, me, and my sister skating in Budapest around Christmas 2007: . My dad is an engineer in all aspects of life. He's very helpful, practical, and has a dark sense of humour that stings. This is him with me and my brother Tomi, obviously taken a while ago: . My brother Tomi has two more feet in the "real world" than I do, and that (as well as other things) makes him a great brother to have. My grandma Nyonyo, here with my mom: , lives in the same house as my parents. I grew up very close with her and my grandpa Pappap, who passed away in December 2003. My paternal grandparents also lived not too far from us until they passed away. As long as she lived, my great grandmother Mamika's house was only a block away from ours. I used to run over there when I had a disagreement with my Mom and she'd give me drops of lemom on sugar. She passed away when I was 9. Now that I live far away, I miss my close-knit family a lot, and winter breaks and summers have taken on a whole new meaning.

Friends I miss:

This list is far from complete. "People I miss" is the story of my life.

My best friend of ages (almost 20 years and counting), Gergo, who's always been there for me.
My friend Vajk from university, who's simply the most selfless trustworthy person on earth.
Alex, who helped me through my first time away from home, and more.

The woman who is the funnest person to spend a sleepless night with, Catherine.