Homework assigned 10/11 due 10/18

Section 2.1

Problems 1c, 3b, 4, 6a, 7, 9

For #7, don't present any algorithm, just convert the base 10 number to a base 16 number however you can.

Section 2.2

Problems 4, 6-9, 12

For problems #4 and #6, also present the upper and lower bounds in base 10. For problems #7, 8, 9, also present the unit round in base 10.

For problem #12, assume you're working on a computer with a mantissa of 6 binary bits. Assume that if you're adding two numbers a + b, where a = mantissa_1 2^exp1 and b = mantissa_2 2^exp2, the the computer will rewrite the two numbers so that they have identical exponents; the larger exponent. It will then add the two mantissas.

For example, 0.110011 2^(-2) + 0.101100 2^(-3) would be 0.110011 2^(-2) + 0.010110 2^(-2) = 0.100100 2^(-1). Where I've chopped at the last step.

Also, for problem #12, tell me the number of times the loop executes, as well as the final value of x. Only do the first part of the problem, where you're adding h to x every loop. Skip the second part of the problem.