Marcin Kotowski

I'm a research assistant at the Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw (MIM UW). Before, I did my PhD at the Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto, my advisor was Bálint Virág. Before, I did my Master degree at the University of Warsaw under Piotr Przytycki.

My mail is Here is my CV.

My main research interests are in geometric group theory and probability (esp. intersection of those two fields). You can find my publications and more about my academic interests on research page.

I'm active in education of gifted children and organizing various interesting events. More on education & events page.

I'm also interested in many non-academic things, including physical theatre, singing, movement, books, music, etc. Find out more on personal page.

My name is pronounced like that: [ˈmart​͡ɕin kɔˈtɔfskʲi]