Departnemt of Mathematics at University of Toronto

Boris Khesin - photo

Boris A. Khesin

Professor of Mathematics

Areas of research:
Infinite-dimensional Lie groups, Poisson geometry, Hydrodynamics.

Department of Mathematics
University of Toronto
40 St.George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2E4
BA 6228
(416) 978-8470
(416) 978-4107
khesin (at)

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Arnold memorial materials
in the Notices of the AMS:
Part One (March 2012) and
Part Two (April 2012)

Current teaching:

  • Fall 2014: graduate course MAT 1347 HF "Symplectic topology and Morse theory":
    Syllabus, Lecture notes for S.Tabachnikov's course (PennState U).

  • Spring 2015: undergraduate course MAT 244 HS "Ordinary Differential Equations"