Yael Karshon

Professor of Mathematics

Office. Mississauga campus (Chair): DH 3016, (905) 828 3834. St.George campus: BA 6119, (416) 978-7895.
Mailing address:
    Dept. of Mathematics, University of Toronto, 40 St.George Street 6th floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2E4
Email. undergraduate/administrative: yael.karshon [at] utoronto.ca . graduate/research: karshon [at] math.toronto.edu .

If you sent me an email and I didn't respond within a few days then please send me a reminder. Thank you.

MAT402H5F: Classical Geometries. Fall 2015, Mississauga campus.

MAT392H5S: Ideas of Mathematics. Winter 2014, Mississauga campus.
A very partial list of past courses, including student presentation summaries.

Book(s), papers, preprints.

Erratum to 2002 book.
Revised: The Morse-Bott-Kirwan condition is local, with Tara Holm.
Appeared: Non-compact symplectic toric manifolds, with Eugene Lerman, SIGMA 11 (2015), 055, 37 pages.
Appeared: Counting toric actions on symplectic four-manifolds, with Liat Kessler and Martin Pinsonnault, Comptes Rendus Mathematique, Rep Acad Sci Canada vol. 37 (1) 2015, 33-40.
Appeared: Shortening the Hofer length of Hamiltonian circle actions, with Jennifer Slimowitz, Journal of Symplectic Geometry vol. 13 no.1 (2015), 209-259.
Revised: Basic forms and orbit spaces: a diffeological approach, with Jordan Watts.
Submitted: Distinguishing symplectic blowups of the complex projective plane, with Liat Kessler.
Appeared: Classification of Hamiltonian torus actions with two dimensional quotients, with Susan Tolman, Geometry and Topology 18 (2014), 669-716.
Appeared: Completely integrable torus actions on complex manifolds with fixed points, with Hiroaki Ishida, Mathematical Research Letters 19 no.6 (2012), 1283-1295.

Length of semesters at top North American universities, 2014-15.

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University of Toronto Symplectic Geometry seminar.
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Conferences on the Geometry Listserv.

An article on gender and service work: here.
A study on gender differences in mathematics: here.

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"If a philosopher says something, and no one understands what he's saying, does it have a meaning?" (I.B.N., November 2008)