Algebraic Number Theory - MAT415H1S


The course does not have any formal textbook, but we will largely be following A Brief Guide to Algebraic Number Theory by H.P.F. Swinnerton-Dyer, and later to Local Fields by J.P.Serre 


The course will have a final exam, worth 50%, and a mid-term worth 25%. There will also be 6 homework assignments. 

The worst 2 homeworks for each individual will be dropped, and each remaining homework will be worth 6.25%. More details to come. 

Office Hours 

Office hours will be held on Mondays from 2-3, in the Huron building, office 1001B. 


Homework set 1: Due February 2,2015

Homework set 2: Due February 23,2015

Homework set 3: Due March 9,2015

Homework set 4: Due March 30,2015

Homework set 5: Due April 13,2015

Homework set 6: Due April 20,2015


Midterm Problems 

Midterm Solutions 

Final Exam 

Final Exam: Due May 01,2015 

Final Exam Solutions