Jacob Tsimerman

I am a mathematician currently at the University of Toronto as an associate professor. My research is primarily in Number Theory and surrounding topics.

Contact info

University of Toronto

Department of Mathematics

Email: jacobt at math dot toronto dot edu

Office: HU1001B, Department of Mathematics, 215 Huron Street, Toronto


Spring 2018, Number Theory - MAT382H1S

Algebraic Number Theory - MAT415H1S

Problem Solving Seminar - MAT495H1S


PDF logo arXiv logo Tame topology of arithmetic quotients and algebraicity of Hodge loci
Benjamin Bakker and Bruno Klingler
PDF logo arXiv logo o-minimal GAGA and a conjecture of Griffiths
Benjamin Bakker and Yohan Brunebarbe
PDF logo arXiv logo On the Frey-Mazur conjecture over low genus curves
Benjamin Bakker


PDF logo arXiv logo The Ax-Schanuel Conjecture for Variations of Hodge Structures
Benjamin Bakker
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PDF logo arXiv logo Cohen Lenstra Heuristics for Étale Group Schemes and Symplectic Pairings
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PDF logo arXiv logo Constructing Elliptic Curves from Galois Representations
Andrew Snowden
Compositio Mathematica 154 (10), (2018) 2045-2054
PDF logo arXiv logo Unlikely intersections in finite characteristic
Ananth Shankar
Forum of Mathematics, Sigma 6 (2018)
PDF logo arXiv logo How large is Ag(Fq)?
Michael Lipnowski
Duke Mathematical Journal 167 (18), (2018) 3403-3453
PDF logo arXiv logo The geometric torsion conjecture for abelian varieties with real multiplication
Benjamin Bakker
Journal of Differential Geometry 109 (3), (2018) 379-409
PDF logo arXiv logo The Kodaira dimension of complex hyperbolic manifolds with cusps
Benjamin Bakker
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PDF logo arXiv logo Equidistribution in Bun2(P1)
Vivek Shende
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PDF logo arXiv logo Multiplicative relations among singular moduli
Jonathan Pila
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Benjamin Bakker
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PDF logo arXiv logo Ax-Lindemann for Ag
Jonathan Pila
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PDF logo arXiv logo Counting S5 quintic fields with a power saving error term
With Arul Shankar
Forum of Mathematics, Sigma 2 (2014)
PDF logo arXiv logo Ax-Schanuel for the j-function
Jonathan Pila
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Jonathan Pila
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Nicholas Templier
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PDF logo arXiv logo Brauer-Siegel for Arithmetic Tori and lower bounds for Galois orbits of special points
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PDF logo arXiv logo Local spectral equidistribution for Siegel modular forms and applications
Abishek Saha and Emmanuel Kowalski
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PDF logo arXiv logo A note on Fourier coefficients of Poincare series
Abishek Saha and Emmanuel Kowalski
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PDF logo arXiv logo Metaplectic Ramanujan conjecture over function fields with applications to quadratic forms
with Ali Altug

International Mathematics Research Notices (13), (2014) 3465-3558
PDF logo arXiv logo On the Davenport-Heilbronn theorems and second order terms
Manjul Bhargava and Arul Shankar
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PDF logo arXiv logo Sum-product estimates for rational functions
with Boris Bukh
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PDF logo arXiv logo An analysis of a war-like card game
with Boris Alexeev
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PDF logo arXiv logo Equations resolving a conjecture of Rado on partition regularity
with Boris Alexeev
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 117 (2010), no. 7, 1008-1010.
PDF logo On Linnik and Selbergs Conjecture about Sums of Kloosterman Sums
with Peter Sarnak
Manin Festschrift 157, Progress in Math., Birkhauser.


PDF logo A proof of Ax-Schanuel using o-minimality
Note, Sep 2013.
PDF logo A direct proof of Mulmuley's weak #P versus NC result
with Boris Alexeev
Note, Feb 2009.

Lecture Notes

Introduction to Etale Cohomology