Math 470-1: Graduate Algebra, Fall 2009

MWF 12pm, Lunt 102
Instructor: Florian Herzig
Office: Lunt 309
Phone: 467-1898
E-mail: my last name at math dot northwestern dot edu
Office Hours: Wed 5:00-6:30, Fri 1:30-3:00

Note: This page will be updated as the course progresses.

Course description

This is the first quarter of the graduate algebra sequence. This term the main focus is on some group theory and on Galois theory.

Topics to be covered


I will assume that you have taken a standard honors algebra course on groups, rings, and fields.


We will not follow Lang very closely. Other general books on algebra: On group theory: On Galois theory:


Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
Problem Set 3


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