MAT 327: Introduction to Topology, Fall 2012

Instructor: Florian Herzig; my last name at math dot toronto dot edu
Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:30am-12:30pm at BA 6186

TA: Sasha Pavlov; sasha dot pavlov at utoronto dot ca

Lectures: Mondays 2-3pm, Thursdays 2-4pm at SS 1086
On Wednesday, Dec 5, 2-3pm we'll have a make-up class. Location: SS 1086 (usual classroom)

Class photo

Topics to be covered (rough plan)


Also recommended: Jänich Topology (for intuition and general picture), Armstrong Basic Topology (especially for last part on homotopy)

Grading scheme

Homeworks will be usually be posted on this web page on Thursdays and be due on the following Thursday (in class or by e-mail to the TA). No late homework will be accepted! Your lowest two homework scores will not count towards your grade.

The term test will be on Thu, October 25, 2-4pm. There will be no makeup test! If you miss the test for a valid reason, the grade will be reweighted as 35% homework and 65% final.


Term test