MAT 1100: Algebra I, Fall 2016

Instructor: Florian Herzig; my last name at math dot toronto dot edu
Office Hours: by appointment, at BA 6186

TA: John Enns

Lectures: Tuesdays 10am-12pm, Thursdays 11am-12pm at BA 6183


Useful books for reference (I will not really follow any of them)

Also recommended:

Grading scheme

The term test will be on Tue, Oct 18, 10:10am-12pm in BA6183 (instead of class). There will be no makeup test! If you miss the test for a valid reason, the grade will be reweighted as 35% homework and 65% final.
The final will be on Fri, Dec 16, 10am-1pm in BA6183.

Homework (tentative schedule)