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Math 1750 - Shameless Mathematica

Toronto, Academic Year of 2017-2018

Agenda: Sophisticated mathematics with Mathematica!

Instructor: Dror Bar-Natan, drorbn@math.toronto.edu (for administrative matters only; math on email is slow and prone to misunderstandings, so I generally avoid it). Office: Bahen 6178, 416-946-5438.

Classes: Mondays 10-11 and Fridays 10-12 at Bahen 6183.

Intended for. Graduate students. While there are no formal prerequisites, a high level of mathematical sophistication will be assumed. Typically this would mean having taken a few core graduate classes here, or their parallels elsewhere.

Office hours. By appointment.

Course Calendar

# Week of ...  
1 September 11 First class is on Monday September 11.
Handout: About This Class.
Blackboards for Monday September 11.
Notebook for September 11: Minor Demos.
Blackboards for Monday September 15.
Notebook for September 15: The Kauffman Bracket.
Notebook for September 15: The Collatz Problem.
2 September 18 Blackboards for Monday September 18.
Notebook for September 18: EIWL 1-4.
Notebook for January 18: Fibonacci Project by C. Chu.
Blackboards for Friday September 22.
Notebook for September 22: Too many ways to compute the Fibonacci numbers.
3 September 25 Blackboards for Monday September 25.
Notebook for September 25: Further ways to compute the Fibonacci numbers.
Blackboards for Friday September 29.
Notebook for September 29: Triangulations and the Catalan numbers.
Notebook for September 29: Making the Class Photo.
Class Photo.
4 October 2 Blackboards for Monday October 2.
Notebook for October 2: EIWL 5-8.
Blackboards for Friday October 6.
Notebook for October 6: A Riddle About Spheres.
Student Project: A Catalan Poster by C. Chu.
Student Project: A Jones Program by E. Bilocq.
5 October 9 Monday is thanksgiving - no class.
Handout for Friday October 13.
Blackboards for Friday October 13.
Notebook for October 13: a faster Jones program.
Notebook for October 13: the towers of Hanoi.
6 October 16 Blackboards for Monday October 16.
Notebook for October 16: more on the towers of Hanoi.
Blackboards for Friday October 20.
Notebook for October 20: trees from triangulations, basic homology.
7 October 23 Blackboards for Monday October 23.
Notebook for October 23: some further homology, 1.
Notebook for October 23: some further homology, 2.
Notebook for October 23: some further homology, 3.
Blackboards for Friday October 27.
Notebook for October 27: Hochschild homology for $FA_n$.
Notebook for October 27: Three Peano Curves.
8 October 30 Blackboards for Monday October 30.
Notebook for October 30: EIWL 9, Dynamic.
Blackboards for Friday November 3.
Notebook for November 3: The Quintic Slide Show.
Notebook for November 3: The Quintic Slide Show, annotated.
NCGE handout (redacted).
R November 6 UofT Undergrad Reading Week - classes meet as usual.
Blackboards for Monday November 6.
Notebook for November 6: NCGE, Day 1.
Blackboards for Friday November 10.
Notebook for November 10: NCGE, Day 2.
Student Project: A Torus by T. Milne.
Student Project: The Cow Problem by L. Afeke.
9 November 13 Notebook for November 13: Packaging permutations, day 1.
Notebook for November 13: The Mathematica Package Perm (1).
Blackboards for Friday November 17.
Notebook for November 17: Playing with Permutations, Day 2.
Notebook for November 17: The Package Perm.
Notebook for November 17: Using the Package Perm.
10 November 20 November 20 tidbits.
Hamburg talk on Khovanov Homology.
Slides on Khovanov Homology.
Blackboards for Monday November 20.
11 November 27  
12 December 4 Wednesday is the last day of classes, yet we may have a "Makeup Monday" on Thursday.

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