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Homework Assignment 18

Assigned Tuesday February 4; not to be submitted.

this document in PDF: HW18.pdf

Required reading

Reread the handout About the Second Term Exam. Everything there applies also to the upcoming Third Term Exam.

Recommended for extra practice

Just for fun

We all know that $ 3\frac{1}{7}$ is a very good approximation to $ \pi$; in fact, it is not difficult to find people who think that $ \pi$ is $ 3\frac{1}{7}$. Prove them wrong, and also decide which one is bigger ($ \pi$ or $ 3\frac{1}{7}$) by computing the integral

$\displaystyle \int_0^1\frac{x^4(1-x)^4}{1+x^2}dx. $

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