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Contact Sheet

Name Email Phone Place in Picture
Afroz, Mushtari   upper left inset
Awad, Abdou 416 - 923 - 4380 I am on the third row in the picture. Only my face and part of my shoulders are showing. I am wearing a grey t-shirt. I am in the triangle between a Japanese boy wearing a white cap and a black jacket, and white boy wearing a red cap (he is behind me), and a black girl wearing a white jacket. On the picture I am also just to the left of the person lifting his hand up.
Banjevic, Stefan   I'm in the front row, the 6th from the left wearing a cream sweater with a light blue collar sticking out.
Beghian, Robert   location - 3rd Row, 7th one to the right of the plant, wearing a black baseball cap, white t-shirt and blue shirt
Brown, Matt   I am at the back, just to the right of the small tree in the middle, wearing a dark blue shirt and glasses.
Burko, Robby   I'm in the back row at the right with the white t-shirt.
Chan, Adriell   I'm the Chinese guy wearing a navy blue t-shirt, standing just behind the guy in orange, next to the big green plant near the center of the photo.
Chan, Man Lai (Edmond)   In the class photo, I was in a royal blue jacket, standing in the last row, behind and to the left of the plant.
Chang, Choll   Fourth from the right in the snapshots area
Cheng, Nelson   the third person from the left in the upper left hand corner of the picture.  I am wearing glasses, a blue sweat-shirt, and carrying a blue bag.
Cheng, Peter   I am right in front of the guy who lifted the water bottle with his left hand in the last row... with a weird expression and hard to see:(
Chestopalova, Natalja (905) 82 106 85 I am located in the second row beside the green bush on the left - second person to the right from it. I am wearing blue jeans, brown shirt and jean jacket.
Chin, Brandon   i'm about 10th from the right, in the white hat
Chong, Frankie Tsz Ngai   I'm in the second row, fifth persons from the right and I wear a black T-shirt
Chu, Jeremy Ian   I'm the first guy on the sencond row starting from the left, the long-hair china man.
Chung, Francis   Starting from the plant in the middle of the class, and going to the right, there's a guy with an orange shirt, another guy with a dark blue shirt, and a woman with a brown shirt partially covered by a blue jacket. Immediately to the upper right of her head is my head. I have black hair and appear to be looking away from the camera.
Chung, Kevin   i'm standing behind the FIRST girl who wears red counting from the right
Dadula, Romy   i am second to the left beside the plant, with the blue shirt and akward smile.
DeGiuli, Eric   Front row, 5th from the left, with my head just popping out between a guy with a light blue shirt, and a guy with a dark blue shirt.  My head is tilted to the side a bit, and you can see the white collar on my shirt.
Di Domenico, Stefano   I'm the guy in the solo picture (the bottom right hand corner) with the white hat and white shirt.
Dinh, Nhan   I am third from the left in the 3rd row wearing a grey t-shirt, next to the guy wearing green t-shirt.
Du, Wenmao   In the picture I am just in the "centre" (tenth form the left in  second row wearing black glasses, red T-Shirt inside and red shirt outside.
Duez, Marc   I'm possibly the only one not looking at the camera. All the way on the left, engrossed in some reading.
Eames, Richard   I am the twelfth person standing from the right. All you can see is my head and I am standing between two oriental people, a girl and a guy above and to the upper left of the girl that is kneeling wearing a red blouse.
Ecclesiaste, Michael B.   I can be found sitting at first row, third from the right, wearing a dark blue U of T jacket and running shoes. (also
Ezer, Isaac   in the back row on the right side there is a guy in a white shirt with his arm up. I am standing to his left in th back row.
Faur, Nadine 416-598-9576 I am in the second row on the right leaning over. I'm wearing a beige shirt and I have long dark brown hair.
Fletcher, Logan   On the left side of the picture there is a plant with orange flowers. There is one leaf on this plant which sticks out to the left. It points directly at a woman's hair. To the left of this woman is a guy in a light blue t-shirt. Directly to the left of his hair is my face.
Gair, Nick 416-978-8437 I'm the long-haired, bearded fellow second from the right in the back row.
Gardhouse, Joe (416) 597-2479 a little right of the centre, fourth row, red hat
Golding, Adam 416-929-7255, Tartu College I am the third person above the feet of the fellow lying down in front of everyone.
Gomez, Natalya   In the class photo I'm the sixth person in from the right, directly above the first person on the right who is sitting. I'm wearing a red v-neck top.
Gudas, Adrian   I'm in the middle top row, in the horizontal striped shirt, with blond hair. Should be easy to spot :)
Guerzhoy, Michael   Behind and to the left (camera's perspective) of the guy with a read shirt with a horizontal white band.
Iossiphidis, Christopher   I am located directly to the left of the second tree, from the right side of the picture. I have a somewhat serious face and am wearing a blue jacket and a red back-pack.
Kan, Joyce   I'm the front row crouching down at the right end, just right below the girl with the deep red shirt. I'm wearing a cream coloured jacket with a white tank top and has black hair with glasses.
Kanelakos, Lynda   ?
Kang, Kurt (Dongsoo)   i'm the 1st guy on the left side on the first row. the guy with the glasses and u of t key chain.
Kapoor, Sacha (647) 272 8330 I am the brown guy in the back with his hand raised.
Kordalewski, David 416-469-1653 i am {x:x is a tall, blond guy standing behind the big green plant whose shirt can be seen darn near completely}
Koren, Annat   I'm in the background on the right.
Kuo, Steven   I am the fifth person on the first row, crouching, from the left.
Kuo, Steven   I'm in the first row center of the picture, dressed in dark blue t-shirt with white rim on the t-shirt. I also have glasses.
Lamb, David   I'm in the back row, middle right. Just my head is visible. I have glasses and I'm eating an apple. Alas, it's hard to tell with the resolution, so it looks like I'm picking my nose instead. You'll have to take my word I'm not...honest...
Leung, Catherine     In the photo, I am just barely visible. There is only one guy holding up a bottle of water (I think). If you follow his hand down, you will see my head, just barely peeping out from the crowd. I'm asian. My hair is parted in the middle, and I have my glasses on in the photo.
Leung, Shirley   I'm in second row third from the left side if you are looking from the computer screen. I'm wearing white with glasses.
Li, Songhao (Travis)   I'm the third from the left in the last row standing on the bench, wearing the grey blue coat.
Lim, Weekok   In the left photo on the lower right corner. I am the one on the left and wearing glasses.
Mak, Pearl     I am in the second row fourth from the left in the very pink t-shirt.
Mak, Seth   Rightmost in picture
Marjan, Andrej   I'm the caucasian male in the back row, 4th from left, in the purple shirt.
Matelski, John   i am in the last row, behind the gentleman laying down in front, and directly in front of the plant.
McCartin-Lim, Mark   I am in the photo at the bottom left-hand corner, third from the left, wearing the Toronto t-shirt.
McQuillan, Wendy   Just left of plant wearing sweater with multi-coloured blocks
Mnih, Volodymyr   There's a girl with an orange shirt roughly in the middle of the picture. I'm the guy with black hair standing directly behind her.
Morey, Christian   I'm third from the right, wearing a grey shirt and leaning oddly to one side.
Munawar, Salman   I'm in the inset in the bottom right of the main picture. I am the second one from the right, wearing a black sweatshirt with a red monogram on it.
Naimji, Dasri   I'm the brown guy in the center of the second row with a blue t-shirt and glass.
Nelson, Jennifer   I am in the second row of people standing, right behind the guy in the plaid shirt and red shirt with a grey stripe and the girl wearing a red shirt with the black strapped backpack and glasses.
Noel, Valerie   I am in the second row standing. I almost right above the guy reclining in the front.I am wearing a white sweat shirt. I am also standing beside a girl (Jen) in a red shirt.
Om, Sung   Please take a look at the inset. I am standing in the far left hand side from your view.
Ovesea, Tiberiu (Tibi)   i'm the tall guy in the back with the red shoulder straps, quite lonely i seem. the guy with the beard and blackish hair, smiling stupidly.
Proctor, Keith   I am the 5th from the right in the very back row (Im wearing a red shirt, I've got dark hair, and I'm wearing sun-glasses.)
Proskurin, Sergey (416) 928-1867 I am in a third row, seventh from the right, with red moustache.
Rajendran, Shonith (Shaun) (416) 358-5443 I'm the second from the left in the front row. I'm wearing all navy blue and holding a textbook.
Ray, Deb   I am the only one not standing in the picture.
Reynolds, Andrew   I am the 11th person from the left in the back row, I am slightly behind and to the left of the man eating the apple.
Robinson, Maria   there's a girl in a pink shirt next to the green plant -- i'm the girl two people to the left of her with reddish curly hair and glasses
Sankaran, Siddarth   I am bald and wearing glasses, partially obscured by the woman directly to the left of the large plant.
Sencan, Emre (416) 203-9188 I'm in the very front row, kneeling, four from the left, glasses, grey shirt, very short cropped hair and blue jeans.
Silvestrovici, Alina   I'm in the first row, crouching down, closer to the right side, with a lime green sweater on, dark hair and bangs.
Simion, Alexandra   I am right under the arm of the guy holding the water bottle. My head is visible right next to the shoulder of the guy in the light blue striped shirt.
Sit, Eva   I am standing in front of the entrance, beside the first girl who wears red counting from the right. I am wearing in black.
Slootsky, Zach   I think there is only one guy wearing a red baseball hat. I am directly above him with the black hair and facial hair looking slightly to the right (my left)
Song, Matthew   In the Class Photo, I'm located in the 8th from the left in the first row, sitting down, and wearing blue shirt.
St. Bernard, David   I am the guy in the front row, kneeling just behind the one lying down, in the green shirt. (i.e. the 7th from the left).
Strung, Karen   I am the girl in the light blue sweatshirt with braids, all by myself in an inset picture in the bottom righthand corner.
Sung, Kevin Kai Hong   I am the Chinese boy with the buzzed hair standing left of the plant in approximately the fourth row. My head is between two Asian students. Find the plant and to the left of the plant is a boy with a turquoise shirt. I am the boy to the left and right behind this person.
Tang, Jennifer   i'm in the first standing row, right in the middle behind the guy lying on the floor. i'm wearing a pinkish sweater and glasses, between the guy in plaid and the girl in white.
Teo, Don   Middle-left section, Last row, White undershirt with green long-sleeves (Chinese).  I'm standing to the RIGHT of the oriental man in black with the orange flower beside his face.
Todd, Jeremy 416-533-0120 On the picture's right, a blond-haired head with squinting eyes sticks up from the back row. I, the fifth person from the right without any person standing behind them, am the said person.
Townsend, Norm   i'm the boy on the far left with the stern look and my hand in my pocket. i'm wearing a blue high-necked zip-up sweater with white and red stripes on the sleeve and faded black cords. i hope that's enough to identify me.
Trapeznikova, Ekaterina   On the class photo i am in the second row wearing bright red top and jean jacket.
Truong, My Ngoc   I'm the third person from the left in the middle row wearing a blue and yellow T-shirt and carrying a red backpack.
Wamiti, Joan   I am the African girl sitting right in front of the plant, I'm wearing a maroon jacket.
Welch, Andrew   Last row behind the fellow in the orange shirt and the plant, wearing a green jacket.
Wheater, Rob 416-335-5104 I am in the third row with a white shirt on and a black strip showing from my backpack, im directly behind the guy in the green shirt in the first row.
Whitehead, Andrew     I'm the fourth (last) guy in the bottom-left inset picture.
Wong, Jason   Let the top left corner of the photo be the axis of origin (0,0). Then I am at (430,-185) pixels. Or similarly, I am the guy who is partially hidden behind the guy with the red bandanna on his head on the far left side of the photo, 3rd row from the top.
Wu, Eric   I am a Chinese who is behind the guy with red bandanna on the far left, and I am standing in the 2nd row from the top with my mouth shaded.
Xie, Si   I am in the 2nd row (standing) and the 13th from the right. I'm to the immediate right of the flower pot in the center of the picture. I have a dark blue shirt on and I'm right underneath the person with the orange shirt.
Xu, Vincent (Jinghua)   I am the third from the left in the 1st row wearing white cloth.
Ying, Wang   I am the first guy of the third row counting from the left to right and front to back, who wear a white watch and with eyes closed.
Yoo, Kenneth (Keun-Woo)   I am the Asian guy wearing an orange t-shirt, close to the centre of the photograph. my eyes are sort of closed
Yu, Yan   my location is the fifth person on the first row -From the left of  the row! I'm a chinese girl near the boy lying down just ahead of me.
Yudelman, Adam   I am not in the photo.
Zhou, Anjie   First from the left in the 2nd row, having a blue backpack, and wearing glasses.