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Annual activity report: professorial-stream faculty
Faculty of Arts & Science
Period: 1 May 2011 to 30 April 2012
Dror Bar-Natan, Department of Mathematics

Evolving Document
This document will be frozen on or near April 30, 2012

This is my "merit report", presented annually to my department (along with my CV), mostly to determine if I will be getting a pay raise, and how much.

Why make it public? So painful it is to write, I must try to sweeten the pill by adding to it some residual benefit. Hence it is also a "news report" presented annually in the open to the small number of people who might be interested in what I'm up to. The sectioning follows the standard Faculty of Arts & Science form, but with many parts suppressed.

A. Teaching

1. Courses Taught

(i) Undergraduate

(ii) Graduate

MAT 1100HF Core Algebra I, 3 hours per week with ?? TA hours and ?? students.

(iii) Other

3. Course and Curriculum Development

(i) Development of a new course

(ii) New preparation of an existing course

(iii) New pedagogical methods introduced

4. Course and Curriculum Delivery/Management

(i) Ongoing innovative methods in specific courses

All my classes have a wiki-style web page that allows for lively student participation.

(ii) Course and program management

5. Other

B. Research Supervisions

(i) Undergraduate

Qin Deng, undergraduate working on combinatorial number theory and dynamical systems since February 2011, at ?? supervision hours per month.

(ii) New and Continuing Masters

(a) Primary supervisions
Iva Halacheva, working on Lie bialgebras, at 1 supervision hour per month.
(b) Supervisory committee memberships

(iii) New and Continuing PhD

(a) Primary supervisions.
  • Peter Lee, working on the quadraticity of the virtual braid group since May 2006 at 8 supervision hours per month.
  • Zsuzsanna Dancso, working on "Kontsevich formalism for knotted trivalent graphs" since September 2006 at 6 supervision hours per month.
  • Karene Chu, working on "Virtual Braids" and on "Flat Knots" since May 2007 at 6 supervision hours per month.
  • Oleg Chterental, working since September 2010 on simplicity quations for planar curves at 6 supervision hours per month.
(b) Supervisory committee memberships
All of the above plus Trefor Bazett, Bruce Fontaine, Jesse McKeown, and Lucy Zhang.

(iv) Completed Graduate Theses/Degrees

(v) Research Associates/Postdoctoral Fellows/Professional Assistants

Daniel Moskovich, postdoctoral fellow at 3 supervision hours per week.

(vi) Other

C. Scholarly Work in Progress

D. Scholarly Publications

1. Accepted (not yet published)

2. Published - refereed

3. Published - non-refereed

E. Contributions to Conferences

F. Invited Lectures

G. Patents, Disclosures, Other Professional Designs

H. Creative Professional Activities

I. Current Grants and Contracts

J. Honours

K. University Service

(i) Department

I am my department's graduate coordinator this year.

(ii) College

(iii) Faculty

I was a member of the Faculty of Arts and Science Connaught Committee.

(iv) University

(v) Other

L. External Professional Service

M. Outreach Service

N. Other


My merit to do list.