DRAFT, June 28, 1998.

The WRR Sample of Nations: Figure 1

Page 494 of Kasher's Torah Shelemah

Page TC"D of Kasher's Torah Shelemah. The careful reader should be able to find here the identifications )PRYQY, GRMMY), GRMMYYH and GRMNYY) for GMR; GRMNY), GRMNYY), GWTYY), GYNT), GYTYYH, QNDY) and $Y+YM for MGWG; HMD)Y, HMDN, HMDYY and MQDWNY) for MDY; )WKYSWS, )WWSWS, MQDWNY), MQDYNY) and MWQDWNY) for YWN; )WNYYQY, )YSWNY), +WBR, WTNYYH, YTNY), YTYNY) and YTYNYYH for TBL; )NSYY), )WSY), MWSY), MWSYY), MWSYYH, MW$KY and SWSY) for M$K; and PRS, TR)SYH, TRQ), TRQY and TRYYQY for TYRS.

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