MAT137: Calculus!

University of Toronto 2020-2021

Test 1: the basics

  • Coverage: Test 1 will include Units 1 and 2. To prepare:
    • Rewatch the videos
    • Solve all the practice problems
    • Review class questions and homework assignments
  • Structure: Test 1 will have two parts:
    • Part A (90 minutes): a quiz on Quercus. Some questions will be multiple choice; other questions will require a numerical answer.
    • Part B (120 minutes): long-answer questions (mostly proofs) on Crowdmark.
    If this were a regular in-person test, we would give you only 60 minutes for each part. That is how long we think it should actually take you. We are giving you additional time to accommodate for any possible technical problems you may have, and to give you time to scan and upload to Crowdmark. If you choose to leave uploading for the last minute and don't complete it on time, that was your choice.
  • When?
    • The test will open on Friday, 23 October at 3pm (Toronto time).
    • It will close on Saturday, 24 October at 3pm (Toronto time).
    During this 24-hour window, you decide when your timer for each part begins. The two parts are independent. For example, you could start Part A at 3pm (and finish it by 4:30pm) and you could start Part B at 6pm (and finish it by 8pm). Everything must be completed by the closing time.
  • Late submissions:
    • For your Quercus Quiz, if your time runs out, your quiz will be automatically submitted with whatever answers you had selected at that time.
    • For Part B, you are already familiar with Crowdmark:
      • You are allowed to resubmit as many times as you want before your time runs out.
      • After your time runs out, you are not allowed to resubmit at all.
      • If you have not submitted yet and your time runs out, you are allowed to submit late once with a 2% penalty per late minute.
  • Practice test: We will have a practice test exactly one week before the test (from Friday, 16 October 3pm to Saturday, 17 October 3pm) so that you can get comfortable with the format, the platform, and how to submit answers. The questions in the practice test will be simple: it will not be an actual practice of the math.
  • Disability accommodations: If you are registered with Accessibility Services and require accommodations for test taking, book your tests with ATS.
  • Illness, conflict, or bad connection? Remember that we drop the lowest three scores for each student. If you miss the test due to illness, conflict, or a bad internet connection, it will be one of the three we drop for you. There are no accommodations, extensions, or make-up tests for these reasons.
  • Administrative or logistical questions? Please email admin137 (at) math (dot) toronto (dot) edu

Aids, collaboration, and academic integrity

  • You are allowed to use official course materials (anything on the course website, the course videos, the notes you have taken in class...)
  • You are allowed to use a simple non-programmable calculator. Anything fancier would not help you anyway.
  • You are not allowed any other aids. In particular, you may not consult anything else online.
  • You must work entirely by yourself, individually, from beginning to submission.
  • You may not collaborate with other students.
  • You may not discuss the problems with anybody else, including other students in the course, "tutoring" services, cheating websites, or your mom.
If you do not follow these rules, then you are committing academic misconduct.

What if you have math questions during the test?

All the problems have been carefully proofread by multiple people. All problems should be clear and unambiguous. If you are in doubt on how to interpret a question, how to answer it, or how much detail to include, use your judgement and make adult decisions. We normally get a lot of questions during any test, and most of them can be summarized as "I do not know how to answer this question", "Give me a hint", "Is my answer correct?" or "Will I get full marks if I write this answer?". These are inappropriate and we will certainly not answer them. They only waste our time and delay us into answering students who have a valid issue. Please, think twice before asking.

Nevertheless, if you have a question that you think you need to ask, you have two options:

  • We prefer you post the question on Piazza as a private question (to instructors only).
  • If you do not want to use Piazza, you can email admin137 (at) math (dot) toronto (dot) edu
However, the test spans 24 hours and we will not be monitoring these accounts non-stop. We are only human. We may or may not answer on time. If we do not get to your question on time, blame all the students asking "I do not know how to answer this. Give me a hint."