MAT137: Calculus!

University of Toronto 2018-2019

Test 3 took place on Thursday, February 7. Click here to see the Test 3 information page (as it looked before the test).

How to see your grade and paper

  • Grades are on Quercus.
  • We have emailed you an electronic copy of your graded paper. It contains the score per page and a few comments. The email came from "Crowdmark Mailer (" with a subject line like "Crowdmark - Test 3 - Marks Available".

Solutions and comments.

We aim to create fair tests, and we think this test was fair. It reflects our standards. Your grade on this test will give you honest feedback about how you are doing in this course, and what to expect. In other words, we will not be making any adjustments.

Finally, some data. The highest grade was 41/41, achieved by 33 students. The lowest grade was 2/41, achieved by 1 student.

What to do if you think your grade is incorrect?

Follow the instructions here.

What to do if you missed the test?

If you missed the test due to illness or injury, please see a health care provider right away. You will need to have them fill the University of Toronto Verification of Illness or Injury form. Contact the coordinator Alfonso Gracia-Saz as soon as you can. It is okay if bringing him the form takes longer, as long as you contact him. You may email him the form, or give it to him in person in class. If none of these work, email to set up an appointment.