MAT 137: Calculus!
Term Test #2

Time and location

The test will take place on Friday, 1 December 2017, 4-6pm. The test actually starts at 4:10pm, but please show up at 4pm to have time to get settled.

We will post locations here at least two days before the test.

What is included

The test will include

You need to understand concepts and to be able to do computations. Keep in mind that when it comes to simple computations, there is no such thing as partial marks. You either can do them or you cannot.

You need to know the theory. Specifically, you need to be able to:

How to prepare

Please do not ask us for practice tests. You do not need them. The questions we will ask you are no more difficult than the questions we explore in lectures, tutorials, problem sets, and the book. You already have enough material to learn the concepts and practice.

What you need to bring

On the day of the test, you need to bring your valid identification (preferably your TCard). Also, you will need to fill in the following information:

We will return papers electronically once they are graded using crowdmark. If this information is not correct, your paper may end up getting lost.

Calculators are neither allowed, nor needed in this test.

Rules during the test

What happens if you have a conflict or cannot write the test?

For any questions:

Need help?

Between all intructors and TAs in the course, there are 27 weekly hours of office hours.

Do not leave things for the last minute. If you leave your questions for the last couple of days, chances are we will have very limited time to talk to you. In addition, on the day of the test there will be no help of any kind: no office hours, no Math Aid Centre, no answers to emails.

Good luck! We will be thrilled if you all do very well.