MAT137: Calculus with proofs

University of Toronto 2020-2021

We will post each assignment on the course website at least two weeks before it is due.
You will receive an email invitation from Crowdmark inviting you submit each assignment about a week before it is due.
  • When you receive the invitation for Assignment 1, set up your Crowdmark account if it is your first time.
  • The email goes to your utoronto email address only, and your account is tied to it.
  • You may submit work individually or as a group of two.
More details:

To submit joint work as a group of two

To submit work individually, you do not need to do anything special. To submit work as a team of two...
  • Before uploading and submitting, add your partner.
  • If you "forget to add your partner" and submit some work, Crowdmark will no longer allow you to add them, even if it is before the deadline.
    If you are in this situation, email to ask us to reset your submission. Use the subject line "MAT137 Reset Assignment" and include your full names, student numbers, UTOR IDs, utoronto email addresses, and the assignment number. Your submission will be entirely removed, you can then add a partner, and then you have to resubmit all your work again. If you wait until the day the assignment is due, you may not get a reply on time.
  • You will submit your joint work as a group exactly once.
  • You may change your partner for each assignment.
  • Your partner can be any student in MAT137 from any section.
  • Groups of 3 or more are not permitted. If you submit as a group of 3 or more students, none of you will get credit.

If you have problems with your submission link...

If you did not receive the email and cannot find the assignment in your Crowdmark account:
  • Check your spam folder. Do a search in your email for all emails that contain the word "crowdmark". If your email is on "focused", check "other" (these two labels are next to each other). These three things will most likely find the missing email.
  • If you still have a problem, contact us at Use the subject line "MAT137 Crowdmark Submission Link" and include your full name, student number, UTOR ID, utoronto email address, and the assignment number. If you wait until the day it is due, you may not get a reply on time.
  • If you do not have a utoronto email address yet, email us right away. We will need to add you to Crowdmark manually.

To prepare your solutions:

  • You may write your answers electronically. If you do so, convert them to pdf format once you are done.
  • You may write your answers by hand. If you do so, either take a picture with your phone or scan them. You will be able to submit pdf or jpg files. Your are responsible for your pictures being legible. If they are not clearly legible, you will receive no credit.
  • If you plan to take a picture with your phone, we recommend that you download instead a free scanning app and use it. The quality is better, and it will put your TA in a good mood. We recommend scanbot or camscanner.
  • You may mix both formats. As long as you end up with only pdf and/or jpg files, and the answer to each question starts on a separate file, you are fine.

To submit your solutions:

  • Follow the link in your personal email.
  • If you wrote your solutions with one other classmate then add them as a group member before you start submitting. Groups of 3 or more are not permitted.
  • Upload your files. The answer to each question must be uploaded separately. You may use as many pages as you need per question.
  • Make sure to rotate the pages if necessary, and to order the pages correctly. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of 1 point per question.
  • When you are ready, submit.
  • You will see a confirmation page. Save a copy for your records. If there are problems with your submission later on, we will ask you for your confirmation page.
  • Once a group assignment has been submitted, you will not be able to edit the group members.
  • You are otherwise allowed to modify your submission as many times as you need before to deadline.
  • For assistance, see Crowdmark's submission help page.

Late submissions

  • You are allowed to submit after the deadline with a penalty of 2% per hour late.
  • If you haven't submitted anything on Crowdmark yet, then you can submit your entire assignment late on Crowdmark all at once, but only once.
  • If you have partially submitted on Crowdmark before the deadline then you cannot modify it anymore after the deadline.
  • There will be no exceptions for any reason, justified or otherwise.
  • Remember that we drop three assessments for each student. If you need to miss an assignment for a valid reason, it is one of the assessments we drop for you.
  • If you leave your submission to the last minute, you are making a gamble. If due to technical reasons, you end up submitting 2 minutes late, you lost your gamble. Take responsibility for it and accept the late penalty.