From MAT137 to MAT135/136

Are you thinking of switching from MAT137 to MAT135+MAT136?


The deadline to do this change is Friday, October 6. This deadline is firm. No exceptions.

If you plan to do this change, it is much better to do this sooner rather than later, as it will be your responsibility to catch up in MAT135.

How to do it

Visit Bring your student ID. Ask them to do the change. They will remove you from MAT137 and they will add you to a lecture section and a tutorial section for MAT135. You will need to choose sections that have available space.

Your responsibilities

All courses materials for MAT135 are posted on portal. Check the `"New to MAT135?" page on portal.

It is your responsibility to catch up on the material that you missed in MAT135. We suggest that you work with a member of your new lecture section to help you do this; while instructors and TAs can answer specific questions, they will not be able to give you an overview of the course. At a minimum you should:


You have probably missed some quizzes. The lowest two quiz grades for MAT135 are dropped at the end of the semester when computing the quiz portion of a student?s final grade. If you transfer late and have missed some quizzes, those are the ones dropped for you. No additional quizzes will be dropped for any reason (including illness or emergencies).

Exception: If you missed three quizzes due to transferring late (and only in this case), these three marks will be dropped at the end of the semester. Again, in this case, no other quizzes will be dropped for any reason.

Notice that if you write a quiz in a tutorial section on which you are not enrolled, it will not be accepted and you won't get credit for it.


Email admin135(at)math(dot)toronto(dot)edu.