MAT137Y1: Calculus!

University of Toronto 2018-2019


  • 20-Sep-18: You should have received today an email from crowdmark with your submission link for Problem Set 1. It probably had some monstrosity of a subject line. If you cannot find it, it is likely because you are using your utoronto email on "focused"; switch it to "other". If this does not work, check your spam folder and do a search for emails with the word "crowdmark". If it still does not work, email Alfonso. If you join the course after today, email Alfonso directly.
  • 20-Sep-18: Do you need to change your tutorial or to add a tutorial? You can now do it yourself.
  • 18-Sep-18: The Proof Clinic is open! Read more details and see the schedule.
  • 18-Sep-18: For those considering switching to a different course, September 19th is the deadline to add a course. You may still switch from MAT137 to MAT135 up to October 3 by visiting your registrar, but if you are planning to switch, you would be better off doing it now.
  • 17-Sep-18: There was a typo on a definition on Q2 on PS1. It is fixed now.
  • 13-Sep-18: Tyler Holden has kindly provided a free electronic copy of Chapter 1 of the book. Hopefully this will give the bookstore enough time to produce enough copies for everyone.

    I have requested a few more tutorial spots to open. They should be available for enrolment either today or tomorrow.
  • 11-Sep-18: Problem Set 1 is posted, due on Thursday, 27 September. About a week before it is due, you will all receive an email with your personalized submission link to submit your work online, and I will post another announcement. In the meantime, you may already see the problems on the website and start working on them. (Read more details.)
  • 10-Sep-18: There were some discrepancies about the classroom for LEC 0401. The room was correct on the course outline and on timetable, but it was wrong on ACORN. To clarify, this section meets:
    • Mondays 2-3pm at MP 137
    • Wednesdays 5-7pm at WB 116 during the Fall
    • Wednesdays 5-7pm at MP 134 during the Winter
  • 5-Sep-18: If your lecture section meets for more than one hour on the first day, you need to watch some videos in advance. Your instructor will not repeat this material and assume you have watched them.
    • If you are in section LEC 0701 (first meeting Tuesday 3-5, with Ivan), watch videos 1.1-1.3
    • If you are in section LEC 5201 (first meeting Wednesday 6-9, with Jeffrey), watch videos 1.1-1.6
  • 1-Sep-18: Welcome to MAT137! We will use Quercus only for posting grades. All other information about the course, including course materials, will be posted on this site. Please familiarize yourself with it. In particular, read the course outline carefully (under 'Resources'). Lectures begin on Thursday, September 6. Tutorials begin on Monday, September 17.