I am interested in Set theory, especially Ramsey theory.

I was organizing the secret Student Set Theory Seminar in Toronto. Jamal Kawach is organizing it now.


  1. Parametrizing topological Ramsey spaces
    Ph.D. thesis.
  2. Parametrizing topological Ramsey spaces
  3. A collection of topological Ramsey spaces of trees and their application to profinite graph theory
    Arch. Math. Logic, to appear.
  4. Preserved under Sacks forcing again?
    Acta Math. Hungar., 154 (1) (2018), pp. 1--28.
  5. Selective Ultrafilters on FIN
    Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 145 (2017), pp. 5071--5086.
  6. Permutation Models for Set Theory
    the view outside where I did my Part III essay, under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Forster.


  1. Parametrizing topological Ramsey spaces
    Joint Mathematics Meetings - Special Session: Set Theory, Logic and Ramsey Theory, San Diego, 2018/01/11
  2. Partitioning subgraphs of profinite ordered graphs
    Secret Student Set theory Seminar, Toronto, 2017/09/26.
  3. Moderately-abstract parametrized Ellentuck theorem
    Toronto set theory seminar, 2017/09/15.
  4. Parametrized theorems in Ramsey spaces
    Set theory seminar, Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2017/05/09.
  5. The Ehrenfeucht Games
    Toronto set theory seminar, 2017/04/07.
  6. Selective Ultrafilters in \(\mathbb{N}^{[\infty]}\), FIN\(^{[\infty]}\) and \(\mathcal{R}_\alpha\)
    AMS western sectional meeting - Special session on set theory of the continuum, Denver, 2016/10/09.
  7. Selective Ultrafilters on FIN
    Toronto set theory seminar, 2016/03/11.
  8. Pigeonhole, Tic-Tac-Toe and More
    Graduate student seminar, University of Toronto, 2016/01/14.
  9. An ultrafilter preserved by Sacks forcing
    Ramsey spaces class, University of Toronto, 2015/02/26.
  10. Countable chain condition with high probability
    Student set theory seminar, University of Toronto, 2014/10/08.