University of Toronto at Mississauga
Fall 2019

Course Outline
MAT 334H5F, Complex Variables

Marking scheme:


IMPORTANT: Please note that there will be no make-up quizzes or tests, an undocumented absence will result in zero credit.

Note on the homework: homework assignments will not be marked. You are encouraged to discuss the homework problems in tutorials and during office hours. Quizzes and midterms will be based on the homework problems.

Suggested homework:

Plagiarism and academic honesty: Students are expected to adhere to the academic regulations of the University as outlined in the "Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters" which can be found in the UTM Calendar.

The work you submit must be your own. Plagiarism is a form of academic fraud, and the University treats it very seriously. See the guide How Not to Plagiarize.



IMPORTANT NOTE on PRE- and CO-REQUISITES: pre/co-requisites will be checked, and students without them will be removed from the course (they will receive an e-mail informing them of their removal from a course). If a student believes that s/he does have the necessary background material, and is able to prove it (e.g., has a transfer credit from a different university), then s/he should submit a 'Prerequisite/Corequisite Waiver Request Form', which can be found by clicking here. The student should complete Part A of the form and submit it to the instructor. Students must give a reason for requesting a waiver. Simply submitting the form does not mean they can stay in the course.