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Franklin D. Tall

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1969 (Wisconsin)

Department of Mathematics
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON M5S 2E4
Tel: (416) 978-3323
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Frank Tall specializes in set theory and set-theoretic topology, fields in which he has authored around 100 papers. Lately, he and his students have been working on applications of topology to model theory. Of his 13 Ph.D. students, 9 are on university faculties: Indianapolis, Toronto, York (3), McMaster, P.E.I., São Paulo, Victoria. His postdocs are at universities such as Winnipeg, Toronto, Trent, Waterloo, Ohio, Calgary, and McMaster.

In addition to mathematics, he is interested in the psychology of teaching and learning, and complementary medicine. He is a certified Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, a Reiki Master, is trained in hypnotherapy and has published in Nursing Science.


  1. C. Hamel, C.J. Eagle, and F.D. Tall, Two applications of topology to model theory, submitted.
  2. C. Hamel and F.D. Tall, Cp-theory for model theorists, submitted.
  3. F.D. Tall, S. Todorcevic, and S. Tokgöz, The strength of Menger's conjecture, submitted.
  4. F.D. Tall, Co-analytic spaces, K-analytic spaces, and definable versions of Menger's conjecture Top. Appl. to appear.

Some recent publications include:

  1. C. Hamel and F.D. Tall, Model theory for Cp-theorists Top. Appl. (2020),
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