Catherine Sulem
Professor of Mathematics
  • University of Toronto
phone: 416 978-4378
fax: 416 978-4107
office: Bahen Centre, BA6106
mail: University of Toronto
Department of Mathematics
40 St. George St. 
Toronto M5S 2E4



List of publications

Recent articles

Arrest of Langmuir wave collapse by quantum effects (with P.L. Sulem and G. Simpson), Phys. Rev. E. 80 (2009), 056405.

Water Wave over a random bottom (with W. Craig and P. Guyenne), J. Fluid Mech

Numerical simulations of the energy supercrititcal nonlinear Schroedinger equation, (with J. Colliander and G. Simpson)

A Hamiltonian approach to nonlinear modulation of surface waves , (with W. Craig and P. Guyenne)

Resonant tunneling of fast solitons through large potential barriers , (with W. Abou Salem)

Numerical simulations of Resonant tunneling of fast solitons for NLS equations , (with W. Abou Salem and Xiao Liu)

Coupling between internal and surface waves (with W. Craig and P. Guyenne)

On the one-dimensional cubic nonlinear Schroedinger equation below $L^2$ (with Hiro Oh), submitted.