Michael Shub

Mike Shub
Research Areas

                    My research is focused in two areas. The chronologically older of the two is
                    chaos theory. Here I am currently interested in understanding the degree of
                    generality of statistical robustness for chaotic systems. The other area is the
                    computational complexity of real number algorithms. Here with co-workers I
                    am trying to build the foundations of a complexity theory appropriate to
                    problems of science and engineering. Particular interests are the P versus NP
                    problem of theoretical computer science in this new context and Newton type
                    methods for solving systems of equations.
                    My wife, Beate Echols and I collect art from around the world. You can see our collection
                    at Beate's web site and Our Cuban art web site.

List of Publications.


PDF files of selected preprints.

PDF file of  Invariant manifolds, (with M. Hirsch and C. Pugh), Springer-Lecture Notes on Mathematics, #583, Heidelberg 1977.

email: shub.michael@gmail.com
phone:416 946 0323
fax: 416 978 4107
address: Mathematics Department
University of Toronto
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