Assaf's Cross-US Bike Ride

Welcome! This is the index page for my bike ride from Miami, FL to Portland, OR.

August 2020 update: you can now comment on this page!

Contact and Messaging


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mailing address (available until further notice):
35 East Lynn Ave,
M4C 3X3
Toronto, Ontario

Other Information

arXiv: Assaf Bar-Natan
Ride website:
Mood: and pan to my location.

Messages, e-mails, pictures, and love letters are always welcome.

Some Blog information

I tend to write my blog posts in the late evenings, before going to bed. They are full of typos, and occasionally have some coding mistakes, such as wrong maps, broken links, or messed up pictures. I'm sorry for that, and I always try to fix it as soon as I can. Some days, the blog is written from inside a tent, and updated through my phone's data plan, so really not the best conditions.

Having said that, if two days go by without a blog post, it's probably a sign that something's gone bad. Either my laptop stops working, or I'm dead. One of these is likelier than the other.

Anyway, no one cares about all that, so let's just jump right to the biking!


Chapter 5 - The Oregon Trail

Chapter 4 - High Desert

Chapter 3 - Texas

Chapter 2 - The South

Chapter 1 - Florida

Chapter 0 - Preparations