Assaf's Boston Bike Ride

Welcome! On May 21, I set out to bike from Toronto to Boston. I arrived in Boston on the evening of May 31. I also blogged the journey, starting from a day before I left, all the way to a day after I arrived.

In each post, I tried to talk about the practical aspects of bike touring, and then posted some pictures from the day. Below is a directory of the blog posts:

  • Day 0 : where I talk about my plans for the trip.
  • Day 1 : where I talk about how big Toronto is
  • Day 2 : where I talk about biking in cloudy weather
  • Day 3 : where I get a flat tire, and sleep in a tent
  • Day 4 : where I get more flat tires and talk about technology
  • Day 5 : where I got bored of upstate New York
  • Day 6 : where I talk about being cold in a tent
  • Day 7 : where I spent a rest day in a small town
  • Day 8 : where I talk about homelessness, trust, and privilege
  • Day 9 : where I climb a mountain
  • Day 10 : where I enjoy being lost in the hills
  • Day 11 : where I push hard and go far
  • Epilogue : where I blabber for a few pages about the ride as a whole