Benjamin Rossman

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Toronto

Office: Bahen 6214 and Sandford Fleming 2302B
Email: ben.rossman [at]

As of January 2020, I have moved to Duke University.

I am an assistant professor at the University of Toronto with a joint appointment in the mathematics and computer science departments. Previously, I was an assistant professor at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, Japan and a postdoc at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing in Berkeley. I completed my Ph.D. at MIT where I was fortunate to be advised by Madhu Sudan.

My research lies in computational complexity theory, specifically the areas of circuit complexity and finite model theory. I am supported by grants from NSERC, the Ontario Early Researcher Award and a Sloan Research Fellowship.


MAT 309: Introduction to Mathematical Logic (Fall 2019)
CSC 463: Computational Complexity and Computability (Winter 2019)
CSC 2429 / MAT 1304: Topics in the Theory of Computation - Circuit Complexity (Winter 2019)


Some notes and slides