What does the Undergrad Committee do?

The Undergrad Committee is involved in decisions about the direction of the Undergraduate Program. Thus, any major changes in the courses or programs we offer, or in the way we deliver course material, have to pass through the Undergraduate Committee.

Issues for this year


The Faculty of Arts and Science is currently going through a Curriculum Renewal which will require every existing program we offer to be either eliminated or reapproved by the Faculty of Arts and Science. For us this means 7 programs:

(Other programs are housed in other departments. For example, the Statistics Department has administrative responsibility for the Mathematics and Statistics Program.) In order to be reapproved, every program will have to conform to certain requirements. If we interpret these requirements literally, we may have to do a number of things that we are not doing now, including for example The math department is being asked to submit our programs for reapproval one year from now, in October 2009. We have the option of asking to delay reapproval for some or all of the programs, but we should have a good reason for doing so. So this year will be an unusually busy year for the Committee.

A document from the Faculty of Arts and Science discussing the new program requirements is posted here (in pdf format).

As part of the Curriculum Renewal Process, we are also being pushed to make major changes in the way we deliver certain courses. In particular, we are under pressure to split MAT135, 137, 235, 237 into pairs of H courses, a change from the current Y format.

Specific questions the Committee must address

The Committee is also free to undertake improvements to the Undergraduate Program that are unconnected to the Curriculum Renewal Process. In particular,