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Classical Geometries

-Here is a link to Euclid's Elements in Ancient Greek if you are interested: Elements
-Now that you know the 5 postulates in the Elements, can you detect the mistakes in this Numberphile video:
Ditching the 5th axiom
Here are some of the mistakes which we could detect.
-In class, you are reading a chapter from one of many books Coxeter published. Do you know who he was and where he worked? If not, you can start reading from
this wiki page.
-You can watch the "Dimensions" videos from
here. Chapter 1 is about spheres.
-Here is an example of
projective completion.
-Euclid: The Game >
Play here.


In Summer 2015, I was a TA for MAT327: Introduction to Topology course taught by Peter Crooks. There were 6 optional challenge problems:
Optional Challenge Problem 1
Optional Challenge Problem 2
Optional Challenge Problem 3
Optional Challenge Problem 4
Optional Challenge Problem 5
Optional Challenge Problem 6



-If you are typing up your assignments with LaTeX, you may find these templates useful.