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Department of Mathematics
Fields Institute
Video Lectures from the Geometric Algebra Workshop (July 2015)
Nesin Mathematics Village (See Photos on the left panel) Watch the drone flying over the village.
Nesin Matematik Köyü ve e-kütüphanesi (Türkçe)
Matematik Dünyası Dergisi (Türkçe)
IMAGINARY, open mathematics
IMAGINARY, açık matematik (Türkçe)
Turkish Math Society
Türk Matematik Derneği (Türkçe)
Parker Glynn-Adey
Jeffrey Im
We will not be a part of this crime [link updated.]

Good Read

Here are some pieces which I enjoy(ed) reading.

-Recette du Kimchi by Alexander Grothendieck (French).
-A Mad Day's Work: From Grothendieck to Connes and Kontsevich - The Evolution of Concepts of Space and Geometry by Pierre Cartier.
Today's Menu: Geometry and Resolution of Singular Algebraic Surfaces. by Eleonore Faber and Herwig Hauser.