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[ Nov 29, 2009 ]

MathBattle Qualifier

  • Elite League

    • Team UTS (Jonathan Zung)
    • Team DMCI (Zhi Qiang Liu)
    • Team Agincourt CI (Yu Wu)
  • First League

    • Thornhill (Peter Kim)
    • Great Achievement (Johanna Zhou)
    • Northern S.S. (Yung-lin Yang)
    • Fire Breathing Duckies (Jing Tian Lian)
  • First League

    • Polaris (Sasha Kitaygorodsky)
    • Undefeatable Mathykonz (Ling-Sang Tse)
    • The Airspeed Velocity (Kelly Richmond)
    • Interivitive (Brook Jensen)
    • A Y Jackson SS (Zexuan Wang)
    • Flying Tofu (Laureen Hachem)
    • UTS M4 (Eric Zhan)
    • Team of the Lyon (Ye Zhao)
  • Third League

    • The Most Superlative (Cyril Zhang)
    • Math Club team
  • Junior League:

    • Team (Saeyon Mylvaganam)
    • The Scorpians (Jia Wang)
    • Team (Crystal Chen)
    • mathpoly (Gloria Fang)

Dates for Math Battle Events

  • January 24, 2010 (Juniors)
  • January 31, 2010 Seniors (Pick a date)
  • February 7, 2010 Seniors (Pick a date)

[ Aug 13, 2009 ]

This site just has moved to the new web server.
This new server is much faster and runs much newer software (Apache, PHP, MySQL) than the old one. However there are some compatibility issues. They were identified in advance and will be resolved very quickly.

For testing and debugging purposes we temporarily use your 2008-2009 Tournament of Towns results and 2009 Kangaroo results instead of 2009-2010 Tournament of Towns results and 2010 Kangaroo results respectively. Please do not report this as an error!

New registrations will be enabled September 1, 2009.

Tournament of Towns

The dates are not fixed yet by the Central Committee but they will not be very different from dates in 2008-2009 season and all events are planned for Sundays. We will post dates for 2009-2010 season as soon as we know them.


We will start working on it only after Fall Round of Tournament of Towns. Do not register you team before special announcement (mid-October) as for testing and debugging purposes we temporarily use team slists of 2008-2009 season and in the end of testing this list will be emptied.

Math Kangaroo 2010

We will start working on it only only after January 1, 2010. Please, do not send cheques until February 1, 2010. For those who paid in 2009 but missed competition your payment has been transfered to 2010.


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