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The International Mathematics Tournament of the Towns is a mathematical competition which originated in Russia. Currently, students from more than 100 cities in countries around the world, including Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Columbia, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and the United States take part in the Tournament of the Towns.

Founder of the Tournament of the Towns is a prominent Russian mathematician and educator Nikolai Konstantinov. 23 years ago he was a Jury member of International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). He was not happy with the elitist nature of IMO. He designed the Tournament of the Towns to be different from all the other mathematical competitions and made his dream a reality. The Tournament of the Towns is the most democratic and open contest.

As you know, most of mathematical competitions run in few steps and only students who excel on a lower level are admitted to a higher one. In the Tournament of the Towns everybody is admitted to any level.

There are two levels of difficulty in the Tournament of the Towns: some problems of Level A are as challenging as problems of the International Mathematical Olympiad. There is also Level 0 the main purpose of which is to attract every student interested in mathematics. However, Level 0 is still hard and challenging.

The most problems of the Tournament of the Towns don't require special knowledge or highly developed technical skills but require an imagination and fresh ideas.

There are students who think fast (but shallow). These students thrive on competitions where time is crucial. On the other hand, students who think slowly but can tackle hard problems are penalized and cannot pass initial stages of such contests. In the Tournament of the Towns you will have 4 hours for Level 0 and 5 hours for Level A to solve three problems.

Most of the students are not equally good in all types of the problems but in most of the mathematical competitions to score well they need to solve all the suggested problems. In the Tournament of the Towns you have a choice: you can solve up to three problems out of suggested 5-8 because only three your best scored problems are counted.

Although the Tournament of the Towns is not divided by grades (only by Junior and Senior divisions) but to every grade a special coefficient is assigned.

Finally, the Tournament of the Towns is both an individual and team competition. All of you are one team representing Toronto. To place all the towns from the smallest to the biggest on an even field, a special formula is applied.

There are two rounds every academic year: Fall Round and Spring Round. Student's final score is his/her best score achieved in all four sessions.

Every student is welcome to participate

Participation in Tournament of Towns is paid by the Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto. Registration is mandatory.

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Tournament of the Towns is held in Toronto since 1996.
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