Tournament of Towns in Toronto

Who can participate

Tournament of Towns is open for school students starting from grade 8 (as an exception, experienced 7 grade students can participate in O-Level). There are
  • Junior division: grade 8-10,
  • Senior division : grade 11-12.
Note, that grade 11 and 12 students cannot participate in Junior division but (as an exception) some grade 10 students can participate in Senior division. In this case they should inform instructor, get permission and after that must work only on Senior problem set.

For all new participants it is strongly recommended to start from O-Level.

Do and Don't FAQ


  • Do: Register for Tournament of Towns using web registration form.
  • Don't: Send papers/letters etc. There is no other method to register: we do not have a staff to input manually your data in our database. And registration on line the least error-prone method.
  • Do: Enter your name and the name of the school exactly as you want to see it in the award certificate.
    • Correct: John Smith.
    • Wrong: JOHN SMITH, john smith or any other form.
    • Correct: Don Mills Collegiate Institute;
    • Wrong: DMCI, Don Mills C.I., DonMills, etc
  • Our form does not accept anything but letters, digits and spaces in the submission. If you need to enter '," or & in your name or the name of the school, please email us after registration.
  • Never register more than once. When you registered, your record is in our database and you need just identify yourself to access the system. Special script looks for clones but one needs to verify suspiciuous entries manually because there are different students with exactly same first and last names.
  • Usually when found that the same person registered more than once, we delete all entries save the first one. If some marks are attached to the deleted entry, they will be deleted as well.
  • Even if your record contains errors you need to correct them rather than create the new record.
  • Please provide an email address in the good standing. It will be used unfrequently to send some general information; also if you forgot your password it will be sent to this email address.

Updating your data

  • Change your email address using online form. This will be done automatically.
  • Request updating your grade and school info using on-line form. Do it only if you moved to another school or grade. This will be done manually.
    Annual increment of grade is done automatically during the summer.
  • Emails asking to change your record will be ignored unless you need to change or correct your name, gender or the date of birth.
  • Please remember that the manual job requires human time and do not submit any such request unless needed.

Confirming your participation

  • You need not only register in general but to confirm your participation in each round and level. It gives us a good idea how many students are coming and thus how many rooms we need to book and how many booklets and problem set copies and other handouts we need to bring.

Reporting the technical problem

  • Reporting the technical problem you need to be very specific. First of all, if you see a "thank you" page, the required task is performed (you are registered, or confirmed your participation, or updated data). If you see "the problem" page read what it says and try to follow instructions. If the problem persists, advise us with the copy of the error message. If no page come out after 1 min, try to go back and repeat the submission. If the problem persists advise us that the registration task dies. Without specific description of the problem we have nothing to start from.


  • Toronto is a BIG city and GTA is even bigger. And we are just Olga Zaitseva + a couple of people helping with specific tasks (web site, database). Because of this we are trying to provide you by all important info via web site (either public pages or your private member pages). There are very few valid reasons to send us email:
  • Good reasons

    • To advise that your name or name of the school contain special characters which on-line form rejects;
    • To request to change the name because it really changed;
    • Reporting correctly technical problem;
  • Valid reasons

    Means that you did something wrong but really need to send email to fix the problem (it is still better than to register again):
    • You forgot your username;
    • You forgot your password and cannot retrive it by the usual way because your email indicated when you registered does not work anymore (either account is closed or mailbox is full or you cannot access it);
    • You entered your name, gender, date of birth incorrectly;
  • Wrong reasons

    • To ask information which is on web pages (time, location, or just asking to tell you "more");
    • To perform actions that could be done through web forms (to change email, school, grade, to advise that you are coming to some particular event);
    • To unsubscribe: just go to your individual page and change email to invalid: f.e. to
    • To advise that you are not coming (we know that approximately 1/3 of those who confirmed that they are coming to Tournament actually do not come);
    • To ask "am I registered?" (if you can log to your main member page, you are), "have I confirmed my particiupation?" (if there is a confirming line on your main member or kangaroo page, you are; if instead there is a button asking you to confirm, you have not; please reload the page purging cached data - your web browser can display an old info it got and stored), "what is my mark?" (see on-line in due time). All information concerning you is stored in database and you have the same access to it as we do (sure we have our own master tools but they provide us mainly by means to work with a big group of your records).
    • To ask "what is cut-off for awards?" (this is announced in due time), "what I did wrong?", "could I see my paper?" etc (there is a special Appeals meeting and on the Tournament page you can see what you got for each problem - and no other contest is even close to this level of the openess);
    • To request an award which you could get 1 year ago but never bothered to pick it up when it was available;
    • To send any unrelated email (cool site, petitions, greeting cards, request to update my address in some address book on-line); this is considered as a serious abuse;
  • Spam

    • Please note that we are getting many emails and a lot of spam; because of this we use powerfull spam filters based on different principles. In particular, if your email looks like a spam (any attachments, not plain text, commercials of your provider, non English characters) it has very good chances to be filtered out.
    • In this sense free hotmail or yahoo are bad (commercials) and many foreign based emails are bad as well (non English characters), graphics (including graphics in the signatures) is very bad.
    • Gmail is good. Our Technical Team recommends gmail over yahoo or hotmail.
    • Subject should be descriptive:
      • if subject contains words such as "Tournament of Towns" it will be considered as a good message.
      • On the other hands, messages with subjects like "Hi from John", "From Don Smith" and similar will probably end up in the spam mailbox.


  • Abuse (including email abuse) leads to locking or even deletion of your account, blacklisting your email address, blocking your host from accessing web pages.

Technical Support


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Tournament of the Towns is held in Toronto since 1996.
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